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     CYTech has always attached great importance to the physical and mental health development of all staff, For improving life quality ,also enhancing our team work spirit , every year we organize sorts of activities to enrich their spare time including mountain-climbing, outdoor travel, rafting, dine together, KTV etc.

     We always insist "client first, whole-hearted service" principle, face everyday with a warm smile.

CYTech Dongchong Camp

Dongchong Camp
CYTech Xichong Surf-riding

Xichong Surf-riding
CYTech Qingyuan Rafting

Qingyuan Rafting
CYTech Shenzhen OTC

Shenzhen OTC
CYTech Bamboo raft

Bamboo raft
CYTech Wutong mountain-climbing

Wutong mountain-climbing
CYTech Company dine together

Company dine together
Company dine together 2

Company dine together 2